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7 Best Facial Bed 2020 – Updated Review With Buyers Guide)

Starting or upgrading your Salon, our Best Facial Bed Review provides you with a great opportunity to compare the best brands that are available. A comfortable, elegant and cosy Facial Bed marks as the most essential aspect of the salon furniture of the Beauty Salon.

Some of the features of the Facial Beds are Electrical adjustments which can help adapt the bed to various position like lowering or raising the headrest and foot rest to suit the process as well as comfort of the clients.We are listing some beds with their special aspects to help you in selecting the right one


Image Product Unique Feature Price
Best Facial Bed Apelia Salon
Compact and portable Check Price On Amazon
Bed_Facial LCL Beauty Bed Control Panel
Check Price On Amazon
Facial Bed Beauty Style Bed Lockable hydraulic
Check Price On Amazon
Facial Beauty Bed Electrical
Check Price On Amazon
LCL Electric bed Whisper quite
Check Price On Amazon
Bed For Facial NURXIOVO Bed Multi functional Check Price On Amazon
Facial-Bed Facial Salon Bed Sturdy and
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#1 Apelila Beauty Salon Bed -Therapy SPA Bed


  • A Superior looking Deluxe Leather Bed which looks great and is easy to clean.
  • The Bed Cushion has  Double stitched seam finish that prevents ripping and tearing.
  • The Bed has a Sturdy construction Both primary base supports are made from steel that makes it stronger and more stable than welded designs, it can be folded and stored anywhere.
  • It is a  Classic solution for all massage therapist or facial technician’s equipment needs.
  • Small Cell High Density Foam – 3″ small cell high density foam provides extra comfort for your clients.
  • The Bed Design is in  One piece that is  highly stable, space saving and fits all.
  • The Bed is Highly adjustable its  Back rest adjust from 90° to 180° and foot rest adjusts from 45° to 180° for different  position possibilities,
  • The Head rest can be Removed and  used as a pillow or removed for a completely leveled surface.
  • The Removable arm rest provides an obstruction-free access all around your client which is perfect for message. 
  • Sturdy construction
  • Folding design
  • Deluxe leather fitting.
  • It can be straightened out like a massage bed
  • Threre is no storage space to keep facial oils e.t.c.

#2 LCL Beauty Massage Facial Bed - Electric Height Adjustable


  • The Dimension of the Bed is 74 3/4″ Long (extend headrest to 79 3/4″ long) & 24 1/4 Wide
  • The bed has an  extendable headrest  which has a removable pillow to expose aface opening that is  perfect for back massage.
  • The Facial Bed has an extending headrest and reclining backrest/legrest which allows you to customize the unit as per  your needs.
  • The Bed is made from High Density Comfort Foam Padding: 4″ thick high density foam for extreme comfort.
  • A unique feature of the Bed is whisper Quiet Movement Electric Height adjustment that allows for the easy height increase.
  • The bed comes with a Matching Air-Lift Technicians stool.
  • The product comes with a warranty of 1 year.
  • Matching stool free with bed.
  • Removable arms and pillow for easy movement
  • Electric Height Adjustment
  • High density comfort padding.
  • The Bed is little Heavy to move around.

#3 Beauty Style Spa Facial Bed -Adjustable Massage Bed


  • The provides a distinctive Fashionable arrangement and unique design makes the salon more elegant. 
  • The Dimension of the Bed are Width without arm rest is 22”, Width with arm rest is 30”, Length is 67” -Min/max seat height is  23.4″-29.5″. 
  • A High quality PVC material in white covers the entire chair this is a Eco leather covering which gives an elegant appearance and makes it comfortable.
  • The Bed has capacity of bearing the load of 400 lbs.
  • The Bed has a Lockable hydralic pump for easily adjusting the length and position of the bed as per the requirement.
  • Elegant Design.
  • Beautiful White PVC covering.
  • Adjustable length.
  • Lockable hydraulic pump.
  • The packaging is in two Boxes.


  • The Cushion of the Bed is made from a High density memory foam with high grade faux leather for both soft and durable.
  • The Bed has a Steel frame structure for durability and safe usage during theSalon procedures.
  • The Facial Bed has a Duo electro-hydraulic motor for height and reclining backrest adjustment.The Armrest and the leg rest which are extendable can also be adjusted but Manually.
  • The facial Bed has a remote for both foot rest and hand rest.
  • The Head Rest has a breathing hole option , a added height pillow option or flat surfaced option.
  • The Arms of the Bed can be removed to straighten it into a flat bed.
  • The Unit can be operated on  110V capacity.The bed can bear the load of upto 400 lbs.
  • Duo electro-hydaulic motor.
  • Removable arms for versatility
  • Available in White or Black
  • Fully assembled out of the box.
  • Due to Electric usage the unit will require a plug point for usage


  • The salon clients can now rest in a comfort on this highly adjustable Table/Bed.
  • The Dimensions of the Height adjusts from 26 1/4″ to 32 1/4″ high / 74 1/4″ Long (extend headrest to 81 1/4″ long) x 14 1/4″ Wide
  • The Bed has an   headrest that is extendable upto 6″ it also has a removable pillow to expose a face opening perfect for back-work. This  extending headrest and reclining backrest/legrest allows you to customize the unit as per  all your requirments.
  •  All the adjustment of the Bed are done in Whisper Quiet Movement there is  No loud buzzing or cranking sounds whenever this bed is adjusted.Whole Operation is whisper quiet.
  • Digital Touch-Sensor Remote has a Control Pad has Digital Touch-Sensor surface so you don’t have to worry about debris or massage oils getting in between or underneath buttons.
  • The Bed is easy to Cleanup  with a quick wipe from a damp cloth.
  • The  Electric Controls for all Chair Settings enables you to Raise and lower the backrest, legrest, or chair height for nearly limitless combinations of settings with individual controls.
  • The Bed is made from High Density Comfort Foam Padding: 4″ thick high density foam for extreme comfort.
  • The bed can be Quickly and easily converted into a massage table when you remove the pillow from the headrest to expose the Massage Face Opening.
  • Removable Pillow for Massage Table Conversion
  • Sturdy Electric Base
  • Whisper quite movement of all opeartion.
  • Removable Arms.
  • Requires a electric plugin for operation.


  • NURXIOVO 3 is a Multifunctional Bed that has been sectioned into spa bed .
  • It has backrest and leg rest that can be adjusted separately and  can be closed into a chair. 
  • The Maximum angle of the Backrest of the bed is 65 degrees the footrest is 75 degrees. It is suitable for people of different heights, men and women.
  • The Bed has a removable head cushion  that opens up as a  facial cradle so clients can breathe while laying face-down on the bed.The armrests can easily be removed for more space to move.
  • The stop of the bed is made from a Comfortable Cushioning  of a Plush, foam-filled faux leather. The bed has an adjustable hydraulic stool provide optimal comfort. Double stitched seam finish prevents ripping and tearing.
  • There is a Sanitary Paper Holder  that is Located at the foot of the bed for easy access.
  • The height of the legs can be adjusted by turning around the foot of the table.
  • It is easy to assemble with the instrution manual.
  • Removable Pillow and arms rest
  • Adjustable Back and Foot rest
  • Sanitary paper holder.
  • Adjustable foot stool. and legs.
  • The chair is heavy and not easy to move around.


  • The top of the bed has a soft cushion that is Foam-filled and faux leather and quality Metal material.
  • The legs of the Bed are have a  Non-slip feet for your safety they are sturdy and durable.
  • The Elegant Adjustable Facial salon bed is perfect for massages, facials, eyebrow waxing or threading, tattoos and other salon needs.
  • The Bed has a a very Sturdy construction  Both primary base supports are made from steel that is  stronger and more stable than welded designs.
  • The  bed has a removable head cushion which opens up a facial cradle to enable  clients to  breathe while laying face-down.
  • The armrests can easily be removed for more space to move around the bed can be folded to a chair for easy of working.
  • Strong steel frame
  • Removable padded arm rests
  • Adjustable foot and back par
  • Back section with face cutout.
  • All the adjustments are to be done manually.


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