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7 Best Barber Pole 2020 – Review With Buyer’s Guide

A very familiar sight in any Local Market Place is a flutter of a Helical Strips Flag and in most recent time it is the Red and Blue strips LED lamp or rotating light.This is the Barber Pole. The Best Barber  Pole Review presents an overview of the various types of pole that are available with their special features.

These poles are used by the Barbers to advertise their work place,in modern age they become a metaphor a symbol of red and blue signs.It is a common sight in business districts  to see a  revolving vertical tube signaling to one and all a destination to have a hair cut or shave a Barber Pole. Our review goes through these and discusses the best features of the poles for selecting the one you like. 

ImageProductUnique FeaturePrice
Barber pole FlagQSUM FlagCost EffectiveCheck Price On Amazon
Barber-PoleBarber Shop PoleRotating LED pad Check Price On Amazon
Barber Pub PoleSlim Design Check Price On Amazon
Barber Pole SignMane Tame ChromeRetro classic look Check Price On Amazon
Mane Tame RotataryRotating with
LED lamp
Check Price On Amazon
Barber Salon PoleBarber Pole LEDClassy Style Check Price On Amazon
Barber Pole LightBarber Shop KingWindless &Flutter Check Price On Amazon


  • This Barber pole is the most optimal way to draw people who are in need of the haircut. the Tall Feather Flags on the side walk so that the customer is guided to your entrance and doesn’t need to ask around this will ensure that you bget a steady stream of customers.
  • These are the most cost effective way to attract attention of the customer to th place of business.
  • A Highest quality and tear resistant polyester fabric is used and it has a  print of ‘barber’ words by premium vibrant, UV resistant ink.
  • The barber swooper flag kit contains the black durable fiberglass pole of anUltra lightweight and a  strong weather resistance.
  • The flag poles  are of high 8 ft tall. Sewn sleeve slips easily over the flag pole for easy setup.
  • This large barber sign feather flag is a very novel in red. It is really hard for people to ignore them when in a crowd environment.
  •  The pole comes with a 100% moneyback guarantee.
  • 8" feet High Pole is distinctly visible.
  • Fiberglass pole
  • A red and white stripes are distinct.
  • Light weight.
  • Not durable to last a long time.

#2 Barber Shop Pole Red White Blue - Rotating Light LED Pad


  • This rotating  sign of the Barber shop attracts a lot of customers.It is an attractive light which is necessary especially for  hair salon spa business.
  • The bright attractive symbol red white blue romantic rotary light gives an all round visibilty to your business and makes it it eassily accessible.
  • This rotating light is the sign of classic barber shop, attractive rotary light for, which could attract lots of potential customer and visitors.
  •  It is made of  Stainless steel,Acrylic and ABS, The blue and red rotating stripes are the best feature.
  • The size of the pole is  12*37cm, the length of the cord is 1.5m which could be plugged in any us socket.
  • WUPYI is dedicated to providing quality services, quality products and fast delivery.
  • The light is durable and waterproof.
  • It is very Easy to install and could be hanged on any of the wall.
  • Stainless steel+Acrylic+ABS;Size: 12*37cm
  • It's durable and waterproof.
  • Easy to install, you can hang it on the wall.
  • Fast Delivery.
  • It needs an Electric plug in.

#3 BarberPub Barber Pole Rotating - LED Strips Light Metal


  • This is a very Eye-catching Sign which adds splendour to the store front the Attractive Symbol Red White Blue Rotary Light is ideal for Hair Salon SPA Business and  attracts lots of potential customer & visitors.
  • The  Classic Barber Shop Sign features a slim design, light weight durable clear acrylic plastic covering with revolving swirl pattern and inner light. Comes with a steel base for mounting on a wall and hardware.
  • This is a  High Lumen Spinning Swirl Cylinder.  The Inner Lighting with High Brightness also has a  Save Energy light bulb.
  • It has Independent switches for Light and Spinning.The Plastic cover with explosion-proof function will not break when suffer external forces.
  • The pole has a Multifunctional Usage whether for Indoor or outdoor use.
  • It is very Easy to Assemble and Move, the light  Doesn’t need a complicated assemble steps, you just need to fix it on the wall and plug in.
  • Inner LED light for night use.
  • Plastic cover with explosion-proof function.
  • Independent switches for light and spinning.
  • Feature energy saving and high brightness.
  • The pole has a light Bulb which requires changing.


  • This is a brand new Black/Blue&Red White Barber Pole. 
  • It Gives your shop a retro classic look with the traditional stripe design.
  • This old-fashioned barber shop pole spins and lights up to attract customers.
  • It features a slim design, light weight durable clear acrylic plastic covering with revolving swirl pattern and inner light.
  • An attractive Chrome Plated Finish gives a classy look .it has Synchronous Motor of 110v which is long lasting and durable.
  • The Pole is very easy to install out door or indoor.
  • This light make your barber shop more attracting.
  • Easy to install, you can hang it on the wall.
  • It's durable and waterproof.
  • Acrylic Outer Cylinder.
  • The product requires an electric plug point to operate.


  • The Pole light is an LED Light – High Quality, Long Lasting and Brighter Performance,
  • It has a Synchronous Motor 110v Motor which makes it  easy to operate.
  • The variant comes with a wall mount for installing near the shop gate.
  • The attractive outer cylinder is made up of Acyrlic for Durablity.
  • It features a slim design, The attractive light weight durable clear acrylic plastic covering with revolving swirl pattern of red and blue with an inner light,
  • The light has an Acrylic Outer Cylinder.
  • It is waterproof and durable
  • You can easily hang it on the wall.
  • It is very easy to install.
  • The light is not big enough to attract attention.

#6 Barber Pole LED Light,Classic Style -Barber Shop Open Sign


  • This is an Attractive Red White Blue Romantic Rotary Light for Hair Salon Barber Shop SPA Business,Patio, Restaurant or Coffee Bar, that makes it easy to attracts potential customer and visitors.
  • The pole light has an intelligent remote control for speed adjustment, pattern change, forward and reverse rotation, brightness adjustment, switch;Power saving design.
  • The Light contains a Spinning Swirl Cylinder Inner Lighting with Energy Saving LED Light Stripes, which provides enough light, also is a beautiful sight in the night;Life expectancy  of the light is up to 130,000 hours longer than ordinary light bulb 50 times longer life And is a replaceable bulb,brighter than traditional bulbs .
  • An eye catching, and attractive light it adopts international environmental protection materials,no rust, anti-corrosion, waterproof and light-resistant.
  • The pole light can also be used normally in heavy rain it has a  structure of stainless steel bracket,very long cable,Rotating Stainless Iron Wall Mounting Base All The four corners of the light are independent of the wall.
  • The lights are the wall mounting type can be freely separated.
  • Barber pole Led rotating light don’t need complicated assemble steps, just need to fix it on the wall and Intelligent remote control to control the light and rotate.
  • Intelligent Remote control.
  • Duarble and sturdy.
  • High Brightness but saves energy.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The LED bulb needs constant changing.


  • The Pole has a two types of flag Swooper Flutter and Swooper Windless .Highly visible, and great for advertising outside of your business.
  • The Swooper Windless flags have a full sleeve. The full sleeve allows the flag to remain open, constantly displaying the message.
  • These Flags are made from Flags are made of a heavy duty knitted polyester material and are printed with 75% to 90% bleed through on the reverse side which means the reverse side has a mirrored image.
  • These two types of Flags require different flag poles as they are shaped differently at the top. Poles are sold separately.
  • The dimensions of the flag are  3 ft by 11.5 ft.
  • Two different types of flag.
  • They are made from Heavy duty Knitted polyester.
  • Highly Visible.
  • The flagpoles are sold seperately.


The Flutter of the  Red , white and blue of the flag invites you to a familiar shop of the Barber. The design of the Barber pole has changed over the years from a simple blub to a beautifully designed LED lamp with rotating helical strips. Our old Salon shop has come of an age it now has a Modern look. Our review list the various Barber Pole that are available,so if you are a shop owner go for the newest ones in the line  and shop. If you are looking forward to opening your own salon this the right place we have all salon related product as the Best Portable Pedicure Chair and the Best Manicure Table as well as other furniture reviews here so choose the one you need as per your décor and Budget .

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