11 Best Massage Cushion To Relax : (Buying Guide & Reviews)

Massage therapy has proven to be a great stress buster . The Best Massage Cushion while increasing the vitality of an individual also relieves pain and discomfort from sitting in an office chair for a long time. It reduces all the physical symptoms which manifest as a result of anxiety.

The Best part of these Massage Cushions is that they are portable durable and give the massage on the right nodes to give relief.  It is an ideal product for people who have a desk job sitting for long hours and those who do a daily commuting over along distances .The massager is a cheaper  and potable replacementof a Massage chair with same benefits. It relieves all the pains associated with DVT or Deep vein thrombosis  which occurs due to sitting for long period of time.

ImageProductUnique FeaturePrice
Best massage cushion car seatComfierKneading shiatsu massagerCheck Price On Amazon
Best Massage cushionIDODO8 Rolling Nodes Check Price On Amazon
Massage cushion -carIDODO(Car)Car Seat massager Check Price On Amazon
Massge cushion for painZYLLION CushionBack & Neck Massager Check Price On Amazon
massage - cushionHoMedics

Portable massage cushion

Check Price On Amazon
cushion massagerRelaxzenExtra Cushion seat Check Price On Amazon
neck massagerNaipoPortable neck massager Check Price On Amazon
Massage Cushion -bestRENPHONeck kneading massage Check Price On Amazon
cushion-massagerNURSAL4 Massage Nodes Check Price On Amazon
Best -Cushion for MassageUHoMedicsComfortable cushion Check Price On Amazon
Best-massage- cushionHoMedicsQuas Shiatsu pro massager Check Price On Amazon

#1 Comfier Shiatsu Back Massager - Deep Massage Seat Cushion


  • The 4 rotating Nodes move and  copy the actions of the hand and give aADJUSTABLE DEEP KNEADING MASSAGE reliving the tension from the muscels and relaxes . It thus eliminates stress ans extereme fatigue. The rollers gives a Shiatsu massage 
  •  It gives you a spot massage  on the specific area of LOWER BACK,UPPER BACK, or FULL BACK and gives you a full relaxation. It allows you get a   CUSTOMIZE ZONE  Shiatsu MASSAGE as per your requirment
  • The Shiatsu Massage gives a SOOTHING HEAT THERAPY. The Shiatsu  massage while giving a heating effect  goes across the tensed muscels and and eases out knots and kinks thus relaxing the tired muscels. The massage chair gives a soothing heat and roll effect from the balls which cbackan move across your whole back easily.
  • This PORTABLE CHAIR MASSAGE chair has got an integrated good strapping system which helps you to attach it  to any chair. The massager can be placed on office chair, sofa ,couch and its ready to be used for a theaupatic massage from your office or home.
  • This is a perfect gift for your near and dear ones .
  • the Massager  VIBRATION SEAT MASSAGER  has 3 intensity for giving a comfortable Vibration massage on hips and thighs.its a perfect gift for christmas for grandparents ,parents , friends , men or women.
  • If you do not find the product satisfactory it comes with a money back gurantee within 30 days from the date of purchase..
  • The 4 rotating nodes give an adjustable kneading massage.
  • It has a good starping system to attach to any kind of chair.
  • Soothing roller and heat shiatsu massage
  • 3 adjustable intensity level.
  • Detachable arms rest and headrest are some times difficult to attach.

#2 IDODO Shiatsu Back Massage Cushion with Heat - Deep Kneading Rolling Seat


  • It has 3 PROGRAMS ,4 ROTATION BALLS  for a  FULL BACK MASSAGE.It gives a full shiatsu kneading massage with specific target of your lumbar areas.
  • The shiatsu deep kneading back massage cushion  comes with 4 ROTATION BALLS that provides more than 8 ROLLING NODES and WARMING FUNCTION that pinpoints specific spots on your lumbar and back.  It Helps release stress, fatigue, tension, tight muscle and improves blood circulation. Its a Perfect gift for yourself, family and friends.
  • The product is FDA approved with 3 VIBRATION LEVELS & 15 MINUTES TIMER PROGRAM .
  • It also has a auto shut off of 15 minutes so that any scalding on the body is avoided.
  • The device has an OPTIONAL WARMING FUNCTION that can be turned off and on as per your need. 
  • There are  rolling massage ball  which travel the entire length of your back and lumbar area and provides a radiating warmth while soothing muscel pain to avoid ultimate comfort.
  • The massager can be fitted with adjustable strap to SUIT TO ANY TYPE OF PLACE , it can be attached to Bed, recliner,couch, sofa,office chair . It is made from a durable quality fabric and soft memory foam.
  • In case you donot find the  cushion massager satisfactory there is a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
  • The rotation balls give a kneading massage to relax muscles.
  • A 15 minute timer and auto shut program allows to limit the massage time.
  • The optional warming function is the unique feature for added warmth during massage.
  • The timer limits the massage time to 15 minutes each time.

#3 IDODO Vibration Car Back Massager - Back Massage Cushion


  • The Massaging Device has 5 MASSAGE PROGRAMS & 3 MASSAGE SPEEDS  that target the specific areas like the hip, thighs ,neck , upper,middle and lower back,as well as lumbar region to relax the pressure points and giving relief from familiar aches and pain.
  • A specialized product to be used in the car the massager has 10 VIBRATING MOTORS that combine the heat therapy feature for a deep tissue penetrating massage. This will help to relax the tensed muscles of your thigh and back thus improving the blood circulation in the muscles and give relief after a hard days work or a long trip in the car.
  • This special car massager can be used in ALL TYPES OF PLACES. It is made a durable quality fabric and soft memory foam which provides a comfortable seat.
  • The ADJUSTABLE STRAPS makes it possible to attach it to any type of car seat or chair stable.
  • The OPTIONAL WARMING THERAPY can be switched off as per your convinience.It also has a overheating protection so that the device can be protected from excessive heat and malfunction.
  • The massager can be returned with FULL MONEY BACK if not found satisfactory.
  • The straps of the massager are flexible and can be attached to car seat so that you can enjoy the car back massager cushion while driving.
  • It is Suitable for all types of car seats, home and office chairs, couch, flat sofa or beds.
  • This massager for car has a warming therapy function, which can be turned on or turned off.
  • It has a Microprocessor hand control keypad.
  • It is specially made to be used while driving
  • The unique feature of the Massager has a 3 level vibration massage on the seat cushion and and extra set of  nodes SHIATSU MASSAGE FOR NECK AREA. The nodes for the neck area give a soothing heat function that can be turned off and on as per need.
  • The massager can be USED ANYWHERE on any sofa office chair or recliners as per the need and convenience, the cover fabric is a plush leatherette with a silky and soft feel which is smooth to touch.
  • The ZMA 14 has an overheat protection that shuts off the device automatically to avoid working above the safe levels of temperature  range. It also has a  15 Minutes AUTO SHUT DOWN TIMER which conserves the energy and protect the device from damage.
  • The device also has an UL approved POWER ADAPTER which can be used with both 220-240V or 110-120V
  • All the ZYLLION products are covered with a 1 YEAR WARRANTY which could be extended upto 2 years if it is registered.The device has a Zyllion life time support or any technical difficulties.
  • Convenient Remote ControlThe ZMA-14 allows you to customize your massage experience with the touch of button using the attached CONVENIENT REMOTE CONTROL.
  • The ZMA14 also features a convenient built-in pocket to store the remote control when not in use.
  • The Massager is Best suited for the people with a HEIGHT OF 5’2 TO 6’.
  • The added neck massager is a an extra feature.
  • The product has remote control for easy operation.
  • The massager has an auto shut off timer for 15 min.
  • It has a 3 level seat vibration on the seat cushion.
  • The straps are not easy to attach.


  • This massage cushion has a PORTABLE  AND LIGHTWEIGHT  Design. The weight of the cushion is just 1 pound which makes very easy to carry it anywhere.If you areplanning to go on a Long road trip it is mst to carry along. It will give you a heated massage while sitting in the car for a long hours. It is very helpful as most of the cars do not have a a proper lumbar support which results in backaches.
  • The Device comes with  a MULTIPLE SPEED SETTINGS. Essentially there are 2 massage settings, If you need a deep tissue massage then there is the deep massage settings andif you are in a mood for a gentle massage then just set the remote to low vibration soothing massage setting.
  • The massager has a INTEGRATED CONTROL AND STRAPPING SYSTEM  wherein the controls are built into the seat so that you can adjust the controls even while driving to relaxing experience.The light weight strapping system can be attached to any kind of car seats or sofa or recliners.
  • The OPTIONAL HEAT FUNCTION helps to give a deep penetrating massage with heat for a relaxing experience.the warmth also gives a deep penetration to the tired muscles of your upper back,shoulders and lower back. During the winter months you  can use it to warm your car seat. You can also use it on the cold rainy days.
  • The ACCESSORIES  which come with massager are 1 Car  power adapter, 1 AC Adapter, and 1 Instructional Manual.
  • The product is lightweight and portable.
  • The Device has 2 -high and low vibration setting
  • It has intergated control which can be accessed from the seat itself.
  • The Optional heat function allows the warmth to penetrate deep in the tissue.
  • There is no remote control to operate the massager.


  • This cushion provides only SHIATSU MASSAGE and not a Vibration massage.
  • The Device has a 50 PERCENT EXTRA SEAT CUSHION foam over the massage motors to enhance the comfort during seating.
  • The massager has 10 MASSAGER MOTORS which provide a soothing massage on specific points on the upper back, lower back and thighs. It also gives a soothing warmth as well.
  • The massager has 5 ZONES, 8 INTENSITY LEVELS & 5 MODES and variable speed settings.
  • The Device has a neck rest which is amply cushioned support pad . It also has a plush polyester fabric which is soft and smooth.
  • The Device has a held remote which helps you target a specific area with a touch of a button.
  • The device gives a shiatsu massage.
  • The remote makes it easier to save the settings and operate.
  • The 10 massage motors enable targeting the specific points.
  • The heat mode enables warmth to seep into the deep tissues.
  • it gives only shiatsu massage there is no vibration function.

#7 Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager -Deep Kneading Massage


  • U-shape  ERGONOMIC DESIGN with unique nodes makes  this massaging pillow perfect fit for the different body parts.
  •  3D  8- DEEP KNEADING  AND ROTATING SHIATSU MASSAGE nodes with heating function helps to relax muscles and soothe fatigue.
  • The FLEXIBLE STRAPS allows  you to better apply pressure and adjust the massager to target hard-to-reach areas.
  • The massager is Programmed with 20-MINUTE AUTO-OFF  function and an overheat protection system.
  • PREMIUM PU Leather  embellishes the massager and keeps it clean it also  efficiently stands  against wear and tear. A breathable mesh fabric promotes deep penetration of heat as well as flexibility of massage modes.
  • The product comes with the money back gurantee of Naipo within 30 days from the date of manufacter.
  • It gives a rotating shiatsu massage.
  • It has a 20 minute auto stop.
  • The mesh and PU leather allows the heat to penetrate deeply.
  • The flexible straps allows the pressure to be put on the exact spot.
  • It has only shiatsu massage and no vibration massage

#8 RENPHO Shiatsu Massage Chair -Back & Neck Massager


  • The Massage Cushion has an adjustable Neck Kneading compared with other products, a flexible massage pillow replaces traditional rough massage nodes that fits perfectly behind your neck. The massage pillow can be vertically adjusted to fit most members of your family regardless of their  heights.
  • The Massger gives a customized  Shiatsu massage with 8 deep kneading massage nodes  which travel up and down relaxing your entire back.The Device gives you 3 back massage zones for your choices, Full/Upper/Lower back and full  Back Position that allows you to concentrate the kneading on the  specific area selected for pin-point relaxation of muscels.
  • The Massager gives you a Soothing Heat Therapy and Seat Vibration.  The gentle heating on neck and back warms your neck and back while relaxing tense muscles  all across your entire neck, back, lumbar and shoulders areas. Vibration on the seat with adjustable 3 levels intensity , provides you  with a comfortable massage to Hip and thighs.
  • The Massage cushion is the Ultimate Comfortable Massage Seat.This back massager can be used on a sofa, couch, recliner, office chair or dinning chair to give the ultimate comfort seat in the house. The  Device has a integrated strapping system which  secures to the chair.
  • The  unit has a High quality polyurethane leather  covering that makes it  durable,and easy to clean.
  • The Massager is a great gift for anyone. Everybody  will enjoy a daily back and neck massage.
  • The Height of the table can be adjusted easily by turning knobs on each legs.
  • The Device has an adjustable Neck Kneading function.
  • The Massager gives a 8 deep kneading massage nodes to give a Shiatsu massage.
  • There is 3 level intensity vibration which soothes massage.
  • High Quality polyurethane makes it easy to clean and maintain.
  • The Massager does not a vibration function.

#9 NURSAL Shiatsu Heated Massage Seat Cushion - 3D Shiatsu Deep Kneading


  • The 4- MASSAGING NODES MOVE UP & DOWN to soothes the tensed muscles. The  shiatsu rolling nodes travel up and down the back. It gives a  pressure point massage.You can select from full back massage, lower back or upper back as per your choice.
  • The device gives a  MASSAGE WITH HEAT . The cushion seat is designed with heat  function to help warm up  the muscles and tissues while enjoying the massage.This will help you to stay comfortable while experiencing the  heat massage therapy.
  • The PREMIUM SEAT CUSHION massager is constructed from premium quality strong durable leather,which has three levels of vibration massage, of high, medium and low intensity.
  • The Massager SIMULATES THE REAL MASSAGE THERAPIST HANDS . The Specially designed 3D rotating balls penetrates  your deep tissues muscles, giving a  vigorous kneading like that of a real massage therapist hands.
  •  The SELF MASSAGING CHAIR PAD can be folded and carried away easily. It is very easy to use simply place it on your chair, plug it in, and enjoy a massage trigger in the comfort of your home or office.
  • The target specific massage can be choosen.
  • The heat function is an added feature which further enhances the massage.
  • The rollers simulate the hands of the massage therapist.
  • Can be folded and carried away easily.
  • Their is no Vibrating Nodes for added function.


  • The Thera -P Comfort Cushion  gives you an INVIGORATING MASSAGE. It has five motors which  provide a vibrating massage which will  help to  melt tension of your tense and knotted muscles.
  • The Device  massages your entire back for the ultimate  experience The Massager provides you with a SOOTHING HEAT that will increase  your massage experience with an optional gentle heat setting. The gentle warmth which is combined with the vibration will relax  and rejuvenate your tired and overworked muscles.
  • The Massager has a COMFORT CUSHION that includes the auto and home adapters which  enables you to take it with you on the road in your car, at the office for your chair, or use it in the comfort of your own home.
  • The Massager has an integrated CUSTOMIZED SETTINGS that  allow you to control the heat option, the high or low intensity level, and the three massage zones: upper, middle,and lower back for a customized massage to fit your needs.
  • HOMEDICSThe massager offers two intensity levels and three massage zones for maximum comfort.
  • The 5 motors give a vibrating massage.
  • The Device has a integrated Customize setting.
  • The massage cushion has 2 intensity level and 3 massage zone.
  • The soothing heat is a additional adaptation.
  • The device doesn't have a shiatsu massage function.


  • The Massager comes with 3 Massage Styles  to Choose from.The  Distinct Massage styles have a  the Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion. If you need a fast, Invigorating Massage choose the Percussion setting. If you need a deep muscle Massage choose the kneading settingand for a Gentle, comforting Massage choose rolling setting. These three Massage styles  will help you to  Customize Your Massage  for faster relief from stress, tension, and sore muscles.
  •  The SPECIALIZED ZONE Control feature of the device will help you to select the Massage style, you can choose to focus you Massage on certain regions of Your back including Full back, lower back, and upper back. If you need to targeted pain or tension, choose the spot Massage feature to concentrate Your Massage on a Single Point.The specialized zone Control lets you have Complete Control over Your Massage.
  • The homedics quad shiatsu pro massage cushion’s HEAT FEATURE will help to further relax your muscles and melt away tension; The use of heat helps to penetrate tired muscles and tissue in your throughout your entire back. So turn the heat on to enhance your massage experience and soothe tired muscles. The heat will stimulate  the blood flow and promote healing of muscle.
  • The Homedics Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion with Heat is  very Easy to use . It is  Powered by an AC adapter, simply plug it into the wall and adjust it on Your favorite chair and it is ready to use.
  • This Massage cushion was Designed with an Integrated strapping system  so that it fits easily on most chairs at Home or at the Office. The Cushion also has Convenient, Easy to use hand Controls so that you can easily adjust the massage settings and Customize  with the push of a button.
  • The device has a unique Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage style.
  • The unit has a integrated strapping system to fit in most of the chair.
  • The Heat feature is an added advantage.
  • Ease of usage.
  • It doesn't have a vibration massage feature.


A good massage invigorates and reduces the stress of the hard days at work. The massager cushion also gives tired muscles an improved flow of blood thus relaxing them and reducing the tension.In the Best Massage Cushion we have researched on the features of the massager available and listed all the relevant details to help in the selection of the products which are best suited to you. The Best massage table along with the Best foot spa together give you a salon experience at home without spending a lot of money on specialized spas and salons.

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