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7 Best Nail Dryer 2020 – Buyers Guide & Review

A Fashion statement is incomplete without a beautiful nail. The Best Nail Dryer Review lists the latest dryers for the nails with their features to maintain a beautiful and elegant nails. After spending so much time and effort in achieving a perfect nail you would not like to get it smeared after a few minutes. This can be achieved with the Nail Dryer in a few minutes.

These Devices are perfect for all the people who are interested in Nail Art. A must have for all the Salons it enables the nail technicians to work quickly and with precision so if need Gel nails then UV curing is the quickest way to drying nails.The three aspect to be taken into consideration before selecting a dryer should be portability, size and Purpose for which you need it. We are listing some of the best dryers that are available for comparison and selection as per requirement.

Image Product Unique Feature Price
Nail dryer UV gel LKE Nail Dryer Dainty Unique Shape Check Price On Amazon
Nail Dryer Melody Susie UV
Nail Dryer
Portable & Compact Check Price On Amazon
Nail-Dryer Portable Kids
 Nail Dryer
Ideal For small Girls Check Price On Amazon
Nail_ Dryer Je Whiteney
Nail Dryer
Both Hands cures at
Same time
Check Price On Amazon
Mini Nail Drye Touch Portable
Nail Dryer
Drying Regular
Nail Polish
Check Price On Amazon
UV Gel Nail Dryer LED Profesional
Nail Dryer
3- Timer Setting Check Price On Amazon
Nail Dryer-UV Gel Manicure Table Fastest Drying Check Price On Amazon

#1 LKE Nail Dryer - Nail Polish LED UV Light with 3 Timers


  • It is a ,Light weight,Curved housing design which has a soft lights that will prevent your skin from browning.
  • The Dryer dries most of the nail paints which have a UV base.It dries nail UV gel,UV top coat ,UV builder gel.
  • The unit has a High power and Smart 40w nail lamp with 21pcs led lights,It can easily run on a 110-240 Voltage.
  • It has A 3 timers of 30s,60s,99s for your choice , An LCD screen displays the time left and smart sensor senses the hand in the unit and starts automatically. The new lamp drying time are shorter than traditional lamp.
  • The Dryer enables You to DIY nails at home instead of going to salon.
  • The nail lamp also perfect gift for family and friends on all occassions.
  • It is Easy to clean  and Easy to carry,allowing you to enjoy at manicure or pedicure at anytime and anywhere.
  • A  Curved Arc design will  protect your eyes.
  • Splendid package protects UV led lamp ,suitable for a gift.
  • Compact and light weight
  • Protect your eyes
  • Dainty unique shape
  • It dries the Nail paints with UV base only.

#2 MelodySusie Portable UV LED Nail Lamp - with 45s 60s Timer Setting


  • Aurora 1 is 4 dual light source beads portable UV LED nail lamp that enables it to quickly cure most of the brands of UV LED gel nail polishes.
  • MelodySusie 6W Mini nail lamp is of compact size , ergonomically designed, and lightweight. It’s mini design makes it perfect pocket nail lamp which can be used anywhere whether it is for school, office, home use, and travel. 
  • MelodySusie  nail lamp will shorten your curing time by 50% than other LED nail lamps. It is compatible with most types of gel nail polishes.
  • The nail lamp works on cureing your gel nail polishes with low heat,it is  painless and protects your hands. If you find this nail lamp is a little small for your hands, then cure your thumb first and then cure the other left fingernails.
  • This Nail Dryer  lamp has a one-button design with a built-in timer. Press the button once for 60 seconds and twice for 45 seconds. It is easy to use even  for the nail art beginner.
  • Super-cute white design with a heart-shaped button makes it an ideal gift for friends and family and anyone who would like to learn nail art.
  • Quick Drying
  • Portable & Compact
  • Low Heat & Painless
  • Easy to Use.
  • It Comes with a No Return Policy.

#3 Portable Kids Nail Dryer, -Mini Nail Fan Quick Dry for Regular Nail Polish


  • This Nail dryer  is specially designed for children it is very Safe for Children 3 and up. It can be Operated by Battery just insert 2 AA batteries or an adapter, there is no need of an  AC power. 
  • It has No LED/UV light and causes no harm to skin, eyes, hands, and feet. No pain, no heat, no black hands when drying.
  • The Dryer is very Easy to Use and  Comes with a press switch and a specially-designed finger plate, you just need to gentle press by your hand/foot for the fan to stay turned on.
  • This mini size Nail Dryer is very portable for nail salon, party, home and travel use. It Weighs only 0.6lbs. It is an ideal partner for your regular nail polish, nail lacquers, and kid’s nail polish.
  • This Dyer is an ideal gift for Kids as it has a cute mini size. This mini nail fan is the Best birthdayor holiday gift for small girls specially ones who are intrested in learning nail art.
  • Prefect Gift for Girls
  • Efficient and Easy to use
  • Space-Saving, Portable Nail Dryer Fan
  • Designed for drying regular nail polishes only.
  • It cannot be used for the Gel based Nail Paint.


  • This Jewhiteny  Gel UV LED Nail lamp is a beg space lamp which can hold both the hands at the same time.
    The New 5 plus is designed with bigger space that can hold two hand or feet in at the same time.
  • The dryer has a life time of 50,000 hours. There are 4 timers with 90s ,60s,30s and 10s low heat mode.
    A large LCD screen continiously shows curing time so that all nail art work can be done comfortably.This enables to enjoy a Enjoy professional quality nail polish at home.
  • This  nail dryer lamp can cure nail UV gel, nail builder gel, nail sculpture gel, rhinestone gems glue as well as  Shellac, and the LED nail gel and other gel use, Ideal for both home and salon use.
  • This UV LED nail lamp has an automatic sensor function, smart 2.0 memory design  which makes it more convenient and user-friendly. It would automatically turn on or off  when you put hand/foot in or out.
  • The Nail polish dryer comes witha  12-month warranty for quality problem and a  full refund within one month of Date of Purchase. 
  • 4 Timers Setting
  • 50,000 hours Life Time.
  • Auto Sensor Design.
  • Smart Over-temperature Design.
  • Although it's a Cute Design it is not Portable.


  • TOUCHBeauty Mini 2in1 Nail Dryerhas a combination of Wind and LED Light, that is good for drying Regular Nail Polishes.It has a  powerful Fan and LED bulbs that gives a safe and effective  drying action, without the effect of any harmful UV radiation and therefore it is safe for your skin. 
  • The Nail Polish Dryer has a powerful fan and 3 LED light that provides steady air-flow to dry your nails faster and more effectively.
  • The device is good for drying regular nail polish, It gives even and complete coverage for both finger and toe nails.
  • This dryer can be activated with a  push-button . The dryer will switch on automatically as soon as the stand is pressed.
  • The Dryer is mini size, portable and convenient  to carry around when commuting, traveling and working.It ia very Pouplar in teens Girls
  • There are Three fixed chuck in the bottom that keep the nail dryer steady. The dryer is wide enough to put both the hands at the same time.
  • Air Nail Dryer
  • Good for drying Regular Nail Polishes
  • Mini Size
  • Powered by 3 AAA Batteries.
  • It cannot be used for UV based gels and polishes.


  • This Nail Dryer is ideal Drying Almost All Nail Gel  including nail led gels, nail uv gels, nail hard gels, builder gel, nail sculpture gel, gem gel, and LED nail gel and other gel use.
  • The Dryer has a The uv led lamp has 54W Super Power, LED/UV nail lamp 54W beads provide unique fast, properties.
  • It has a multifunctional feature, The nail lights have an auto sensor for on/off (no switch). smart touch, ass soon as you  put your  hand into the nail lamp, it will automatically light up.It has 3 timers of 30,60,90 seconds .
  • The  device has a UV LED lamp which uses a professionally designed UV + LED dual light source, which is durable and can imitate the sunlight,that prevents  hurting the eyes, it doesn’t even tan  hands.
  • The Device has Wide Space to Cure 5 Fingernails at One Time  Big enough space of nail dryer can curing 5 Fingernails at the same time. 
  • The  Nail polish dryer comes with a 12-month warranty for quality problems and life-long maintenance services.The customers can refund the nail curing lamp with no conditions within 1 months.
  • 3 Timers Setting.
  • Auto Sensor Design.
  • Smart Over-temperature Design.
  • Wide Space to Cure 5 Fingernails.
  • The Device cannot be used for non UV based gel and polishes.


  • The Terresa 72 Watt Quick UV Nail Lamps takes only 10 seconds to Dry nails. It can shorten the curing time by 70% compared to other lamps.You can easily save a lot of time and money and get  a salon experience at home.
  • It can be used  for curing all finger or toes at the same time.The nail dryers with 180 degree multi-angle light beads, you can dry the whole hand or foot evenly including the thumb at once, and without worrying about the sides not curing.
  • The Device has UV nail light which cures  all nail gels, such as UV therapy gel, extended gel, LED nail polish gel, hard builder gel, sculpture gel, gem glue etc. All top coat and base coat for gel polish, including nail UV-glue, builder gel, nail sculpture gel, gem glue and LED nail gel.
  • Terresa gel nail lights has a  auto-sensor for on/off (no switch). Hands in,turns light on.As Soon as the  Hands are out, turns light off. It comes on automatically for 30,60,120 seconds.
  • LCD digital display, no need to view time.
  • 10s high speed drying.
  • Large space, cures 5 fingernails or toenails at once.
  • Smart auto sensor, easy to use without pressing any button.
  • It cannot be used for the non UV based Polishes.


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