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8 Best Ozone Facial Steamer for Salons -Buyers Guide

Skin Care forms most important part of our daily routine.However going out amongst the polluted air and travelling or even walking through the streets clog the the facial pores with dust which becomes difficult to remove.The Best Ozone Facial steamer for salons buyers guide takes you through the best of these innovative machines available in the market.

Look beautiful and get a clear and blemish free skin with the use of these ozone facial steamers.Ozone is basically the activated form of oxygen which is found abundantly after rainstorms and in oceans.These steamers use UV light and intense boiling process to generate steam. The steam produced then gets rid of dirt and impurities from your facial pores and moisturizes the skin.It also purifies the skin and boost the metabolism to rejuvenate the skin.All the aspects of these facial steamers have been researched to bring a clearly stated facts of each of these best machines.Run through these facts before you make a choice.

We are continuously bringing you a collection of the best innovative beauty treatments machines which can be used in salon and home easily.Our best bonnet hair dryer and best high frequency facial wands are the latest ones in this series.

ImageProductUnique FeaturePrice
JJ CARE Mini Tabletop Facial SteamerAce Fox Ozone Facial SteamerRotatable Hot Steam OutletCheck Price On Amazon
Best Ozone- Facial SteamerDakavia Ozone Facial SteamerStainless steel heating element Check Price On Amazon
Best- Ozone Facial SteamerNova Microdermabrasion Ozone Facial Steamer2-in-1 facial steamer Check Price On Amazon
Best Ozone Facial- SteamerKingsteam Ozone Facial SteamerAromatherapy capability cartridge Check Price On Amazon
Best _Ozone Facial SteamerDevLon NorthWest Ozone Facial SteamerExtra fuse to protect from outages. Check Price On Amazon
Best Ozone Facial_ Steamer

OMWAH Ozone Facial Steamer

On/off switch for both lamp and steam function

Check Price On Amazon

Best Ozone _Facial SteamerGOTOTOP 3 in 1 Ozone Facial SteamerAdvanced nanotechnology Check Price On Amazon
JJ CARE Mini Tabletop Facial SteamerJJ CARE Mini Tabletop Facial SteamerDeep Cleansing Facial, Professional Esthetician SuppliesCheck Price On Amazon


  • TheAceFox 2-in -1 ozone facial steamer is ideal for the beauty therapist and normal people. It has a stylish and professional appearance. It is elegant and practical. It is compact and can be used easily in the salon and home
  •  The facial steamer has two modes , steam and ozone, hot steam can open pores, effectively clean the face, regular use can moisturize the skin. It also stimulates blood circulation.
  • The steamer is made from the strong plastic of highest standards.The steamer has s 2 separate user switches, one for Ozone and the other for spray / steam operation.The unit is portable and easy to move around in the salon. The height of the steamer can be adjusted from 35.4″-47.2″.
  • The LCD touch screen offers a professional look. The machine makes ionogenic vapor, which can accelerate skin microcirculation and supply skin with moisture.
  • The spray head has 360 degrees rotation.The tube can be easily rotated 360 degree.The removable water, cup and an aroma container under nozzle. It heat up quickly,
  • The steamer has a timer for a timed treamnt. It also has touchable buttons and a super big display screen. The ozone indicator blue lights up when switch on the ozone function The unit can be stored easily when not in use.
  • Dual function Ozone & Aroma Steam
  • Rotatable Hot Steam Outlet
  • Cup Removable For Cleaning
  • Height Adjustable with Wheels
  • Requires electrical plug in to operate.

#2. Dakavia 2 in 1 - Ozone Facial Steamer


  • Dakavia 2 in 1 Facial Steamer combines face steamer with Magnifying Lamp, is designed to make ionogenic vapor, which accelerates skin microcirculation, supplies skin with moisture, and serves a function of purifying water steam, ideal for both Salon and Home. It will make a better difference if used along with skin massaging.
  • This Professional Hot Facial Steamer has a stainless steel heating element, with a 360 swivel of hot spray pipe.The negative ions produced are great for beauty, they keep face moisturized and clean.Large water tank allows for more running time, the UV light purifies water and ensures that the steam as pure as possible when being absorbed. It beeps when run out of water.
  •  The Facial steamer is Lightweight yet heavy-duty, stable and rarely tips over.The 4-leg wheeled stable stand base gives a 360 degrees smooth-rolling swivel casters that makes it easy to move around in the salon. The height adjustable pole, arm and rotary sprayer allow you to move it around and adjust it to best hit certain angles or areas. Nice and elegant design.
  • The Facial steamer comes with a magnifier lamp that is super clean and offers 5 Times Magnification.The magnifier can be fixed to the table with the table fixing clamp. It also has steamer/magnifier holders for easy mounting.The magnifier has a Protective Lens COVER.
  • The facial steamer does not work with distilled water or purified water, it works with normal tap water or mineral water. The steamer comes with Bright Soft Lamp, that is Energy saving, Simple control, CE approved.
  • 360 swivel of hot spray pipe
  • High-class 800W stainless steel heating element
  • Super clear magnifying glass, with 5 times magnifying lens
  • Works with tap water
  • The steamer requires electric plugin,it does not work with battery.

#3. Nova Microdermabrasion 2 in 1 -Ozone Facial Steamer


  • Nova Microdermabrasion 2-in 1 facial steamer is made from Premium stainless-steel pipe that provides superb steam production It is durable and anti-rust which offers long service life and environmental protection. The plastic used is ABS material which has a high temperature resistance and which does not smell bad like a rubber air-guide duct.
  • The Facial steamer comes with a 5X Magnifying Lamp with a Super clear magnifier LED light and table fixing clamp . The 5 times magnifying lens, which glows soft, no chemical pollution, no glare and will not hurt your eyes. It gives you an ability to observe, evaluate client’s skin properly and makes details clear.
  • The Facial steamer machine comes with a 4-leg wheeled stable stand base that allows you to move around in the salon freely. Flexible arms can rotate left and right with 360 degrees and flip up and down 180 degrees.
  • The 2-in-1 facial steamer has multi-function.The Hot steam can make your pore open, cleaning your face effectively,using it regularly can moisturize your skin and reduce wrinkles and colored patches. While it also stimulates blood circulation and helps oxygenate the skin.
  • The facial steamer has a wide application. The magnifying lamp is an ideal tool for medical, dental or working with small-parts. It is also popular with hobbyists, jewelers, opticians, beauticians, model makers and many more
  • 2 in 1 Facial Steamer
  • 5X Magnifying Lamp For Salon
  • High temperature resistant ABS material
  • Machine sends up alarm if anything is not right.
  • Only tap water is to be used in this machine.

#4. Kingsteam Professional Spa -Ozone Facial Steamer


  • The Kingsteam facial steamer comes with an ozone generator. It has a twist-able arm which is a great value for any esthetician.This Professional Ozone facial steamer is good for most skin types, perfect to use at salon, spa and personal use at home.
  • The Facial steamer produces oxygen ionic vapors which offer the best method of sterilizing and cleaning the skin.Equipped with the ozone function, which is used to eliminate βacteria from the skin, keeping it moisturised and glowing..
  • The action of the face steam allows you to open the pores and clean them in depth, giving also a fresh appearance to the skin thanks to the stimulating action on the blood circulation.
  • The Facial steamer has two switches, one to activate the power and the other to activate the ozone.
  • The steam function can operate without the ozone function, and there is an automatic shut-off if the water level gets too low.
  • The steamer comes with 1 year warranty.
  • The steamer has a Aromatherapy capability cartridge.
  • Aromatherapy capability cartridge.
  • Ozone function, which is used to eliminate βacteria from the skin
  • Auto shut-off function
  • Good for most skin types
  • The steamer works with only tap water.

#5. DevLon NorthWest - Ozone Facial Steamer


  • DevLon NorthWest Ozone Facial Steamer is a 750W machine which is spa salon ozone steamer skin cleaning equipment.It has a sleek and all in one durable design. In regular vapor mode, it takes about 10 minutes to warm up and provide steam at around 95-104 degrees fahrenheit.
  • The Facial steamer has a dimensions of 32 in – 40 in and its base is 20 in. The ozone facial steamer is a 750w machine that smashes the competition with its sleek look and efficient working.
  • The unit comes with an extra set of fuse. The fuse protects the unit from power outages and may need to be changed after a power outage.
  • The Facial steamer comes equipped with a timer that goes up to 60 minutes and makes a ticking noise to remind you that it is on.
  • The facial steamers in the ozone mode , helps moisten your skin texture, whitens and purifies your skin, promotes overall and easy blood circulation and finally accelerates skin metabolism. The gentle steam of an ozone facial steamer will definitely make you look younger and vibrant.
  • The steamer is easy to use just fill the water canister with distilled water between the max and fill line. Fill it up to the max fill line only,turn the timer on, then from there you can use the ozone and/or vapor.
  • It uses distilled water
  • A 60 min timer beeps with ticking noise after the time.
  • Extra fuse to protect from outages.
  • Easy to use.
  • Thesteamer uses distilled water only
  • It has to be cleaned weekly with water and vinegar.

#6. OMWAH Professional - Ozone Facial Steamer


  • The OMWAH Professional Ozone Facial Steamer is a rolling adjustable skincare steamer that is of high quality .
  • The steamer works on 750 watts and weighs 15 pounds.
  • The adjustable spring loaded center pole whose height can be increased or decreased as per the height required.
  • There is a separate on/off switch for both lamp and steam function.
  • This ozone steamer uses the distilled water for the routine.Do not use any tap water.
  •  A 60 minutes timer makes it convenient to use as it shuts off automatically .you can easily set the timer and do other routines simultaneously.
  • This ozone facial steamer is easy to clean.Simply remove the water gals jar and clean.
  • Adjustable in height with the spring loaded center pole
  • On/off switch for both lamp and steam function
  • 60 min adjustable timer
  • Removable glass jar easy to clean
  • The steamer works only with Distilled water.

#7. GOTOTOP 3 in 1 LED - Ozone Facial Steamer


  • The GOTOTOP Ozone Facial Steamer has a 3 in 1 operation. It comes with a 5X Magnifier Floor Lamp,LED Floor Magnifier, Light Aromatherapy Cold Light and LED UV Ozone Facial Steamer for Skin Care.
  • This ozone steamer is an innovative unit with an advanced miniaturized positive thermal coefficient (PTC) ceramic heating element to vaporize clean water and produce a visibly strong steam instantly, steam helps to moisturize the skin.
  • The ozone facial Steamer can be used not only for your facial skincare but also to reduce hair static and moisturize the neck and arms. It is suitable for all types of skin and helps to unblock pores, remove dirt, oil, keratin and leftover makeup.
  • The ozone steamer has a rotatable hot steam outlet with a removable cup . The stand has an adjustable neck and ,360 degree rotated nozzle that can pivot in any direction where you need it to be. The unit heats up quickly. The pole height is adjustable as per requirement and it can be move around the salon with wheels. The steamer works with a Voltage of 100v-120v and has a power of 800 W.
  • The Gototop ozone facial steamer comes with an advance nano technology.Adequately used in cool mist facial steamer,numerous nanometer-size particles, this magnifier floor lamp facial steamer absorbs tiny dust particles and bacteria from skin surface,nano ion permeates deeply into the skin to moisturize it quickly. Aromatherapy oils can be added to the container for soothing relief.
  • The steamer comes with LED light with a 10 times magnifying lens. The use of a magnifying lamp is mainly for the ability of the therapist to evaluate and examine client’s skin properly,magnification is needed to evaluate hard-to-see smaller details clearly.
  • The unit comes with a full 3-year warranty. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase that you can easily return it.
  • Advance nano technology
  • 10 times magnifying lens for clear details
  • advanced miniaturized positive thermal coefficient (PTC) ceramic heating element
  • 3 years warranty
  • It does not have a timer or alarm but shuts off automatically if the water level goes down.

#8. JJ CARE Mini Tabletop Facial Steamer - Ozone Facial Steamer


  • JJ Care’s Mini Face Steamer is with a digital control system that is easy to operate in a salon or spa, just to pour water into the jar and switch on the steamer and give the streamer 3-5 Minutes for the stream to start.
  • This mister gives you an excellent result that can remove your blackheads, pimples, and toxicants from your face.
  • This mister is easy to carry and portable it can easily be placed on any plain surface this facial gives you better result from under the layer of the skin and clean your skin without any harm.
  • This steamer has a sensor feature for safety that can automatically stops when the water level is below the level and never start until the water can’t reach the level
  • This has an alarm feature that alerts for reducing the level of water
  • This steamer has a 360° rotation feature, It can rotate according to the preference, This steamer has an angled feature also it can spray easily while the person is standing.
  • once the water level come down it autometically off
  • The alarm sensor gives an alert of down the water level
  • It has 360° spray head rotation
  • portable streamer
  • It can Only adjust in plain surface


All the best ozone facial steamers have been reviewed for listing their special aspects in simple language to know about each of these facial steamers.The ozone steamers are combined with the other therapies to give you a soft glowing skin and treats all the blemishes to make your skin healthy.The ozone steamers should be applied for a fixed duration to get maximum results,6 to 8 minutes for oily skin,5 to 7 minutes for sensitive skin and 8 to 12 minutes for dry skin.The facial steamer generally uses distilled water or tap water depending on the requirement of the machine.All the different aspects of the steamers are listed above to help in selecting the one as per your need.

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