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11 Best Massage Table For 2020 – Review And Buying Guide

A Bright Sunny Day, a sound of waves breaking  on the beach, a cool drink with a relaxing massage A DREAM TO ASPIRE,A DESIRE TO YEARN. When the day comes and you are actually there a good Massage Table would add to your experience. Clubs Salon and Parlors all over the world vie for giving a best massage experience to their customers. They always aim for the Best Massage Table where their clients could relax and take the massage.

A good Massage Table is an essential requirement of any parlor, spa or club. It should be comfortable and cushioned so that a person is able to relax and enjoy. It should also be able to take the weight of a person of any Body length shape or weight. The massage table should also be easy to carry, sturdy and long lasting and Durable.

ImageProductUnique FeaturePrice
MaxkareReinforced HardwoodCheck Price On Amazon
Sierra ComfortBeech Hardwood Frame Check Price On Amazon
Yaheetech3 Foliding Bed Check Price On Amazon
Massage BedMulti purpose use Check Price On Amazon
EarthliteAdjustable Facecradle Check Price On Amazon
W/Sheet Cradle BolsterLuxurious PVC leather Check Price On Amazon
Maxkare Massage TableDetachable Headrest Check Price On Amazon
LuxtonDurable Steel Frame Check Price On Amazon
84inch YaheetechFordable Design Check Price On Amazon
UenjoyEasy To Install Check Price On Amazon
SalonitureEasy To Customize Check Price On Amazon

#1 MaxKare Folding - Portable Facial SPA Professional Massage Bed


  • The size of the massage bed  is – Headset: 84” L × 28” D × (24”-35”) H.
  • The massage bed is highly suitable for all kind of usage as it has a detachable headrest, arm sling and armrests. 
  • The bed is made from a oil and water proof leather overlay and is filled with high-density foam and makes it very durable gives a high comfort level. 
  • A Free Carry Case is included which can be easily folded and carried away 
  • The Product is most suitable for a variety of people. It has a frame of Reinforced hardwood which is supported with sturdy steel cables. It can with stand a  maximum weight of 496lbs easily
  • A wide and large bed frame can handle all kinds massage types.
  • The Bed has a adjustable face bracket that gives your guests a better massage experience.
  • The leather cover is soft and comfortable.
  • It is water and oil resistant.
  • Very comfortable and sleek.
  • The Assembly process is very quick and easy.
  • Detachable arms rest and headrest are some times difficult to attach.


  • The Sierra Massage table  aims to provide a one stop solution to all massage therapist.
  • The massage bed has a Beech Hardwood Frame with Multiple Frame Support Cables as well as threaded Support Bar.
  • It is made from a 2” High Density Foam that gives comfort which makes it highly durable and light weight and easy to carry. The bed has PbU Leather Upholstery which is Water & Oil Resistant and cleaned easily.
  •  The Size of Massage Table is : 73” x 28” / Height (Adjustable): 25.5” x 33.5” when  Folded and Table: 37” x 28” x 7” when closed.
  • The Weight of the table is: 31 lbs and can easily support a 400 lbs Working Weight Capacity
  • It has a threaded  Support Bar to lend strength to the table.
  • The PBU leather cover is durable and soft.
  • The Beech Hardwood frame is very sturdy.
  • It is water and oil resistant.
  • Flimsy Headrest Attachment – The headrest can be attached on both sides of the table, but sometimes it can be tricky to attach it so it’s stable.

#3 Yaheetech Massage Table – Bed 3 Folding 84 Inch Aluminium Frame 


  • The headrest, the armrest, the hand pallet are all removable  so they can be added or removed as required.
  • The  Yaheetech massage table   is a  folding massage therapy table which is lightweight yet stable. Its supports are made of aluminum alloy with plastic foot mats, that provide much needed stability.
  • The Massage bed has an  adjustable height  which can be increased  from 25 inches to 34 inches by twisting adjustment knobs on each leg for 8 different height. The end section of the bed can be lifted and adjusted  for ten different heights  with the max height being  18 inches.
  • It is very easy to assemble  and comes with accessories which can be added as per the requirement The spa bed is easy to set up and close.  Just open the case and let legs out and adjust them as per the height needed and then place the headrest, a hand pallet and two armrests in position.
  • The folding Massage Table  is very useful to physical therapist as it is lightweight but stable.  Its  supports are made of aluminum alloy with plastic foot mats,  that provide much stability and force of friction.  The Table can bear a  maximum load of 551.2lb.
  • The Backrest Supports the posture of the therapist who can lean on it whenever required. It is a quick fix device which can be locked by adjusting the angle of the headrest  whenever required.
  • The Table has been designed in such a way that that the whole massage bed can be folded and it becomes a portable case which could be easily carried around. This is an ideal table for the mobile therapist which is handy to carry around  It has chrome clasps and double handles to lock it securely. It also saves space when not in use.
  • This professional facial bed is made of aluminum alloy support, and  has plastic foot mats. The Bed has a spongy cushion covered  with PVC leather, that is waterproof and oil proof which gives along time durability to the bed. The bed can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth .
  • The table is lightweight and stable.
  • The process to assemble is very easy.
  • It is easy to wipe dust and dirt with a wet cloth.
  • The table legs are have a non slip feet so that it doesn’t slide even on a shiny surface.
  • Due to the weight of the table it may be cumbersome for slim or short people to carry.


  • This Massage Table  is a folding  bed which is made of beech wood  and  soft cushion . It is supported by composite boards. It has a very simple installation process , all that we need is to   open  the case and let legs out   and it is ready for use.
  • This adjustable massage bed gives your  clients a skin-friendly and soothing massage.
  • This folding massage table has multiple purpose use, it can be used for home massage, spa, physical therapy, acupuncture, beauty salon, clinic, etc.
  • The portable massage table comes with a  removable headrest, a swing hand pallet, and two rectangle armrests. The guest can easily put their hands on the   hand pallet while having a massage. The small hollow area in the bed can be used by short person or even kids to put their face while having the massage.
  • A removable headrest which has a quick fix locking device through which the angle of the head rest and height can be adjusted when it is needed. The  face cradle can be removed easily when not in use.
  • The Massage bed is constructed of beech wood legs a PVC leather spongy cushion and a composite board. The cushion  while giving a pleasant  experience is durable as well.
  • No tool is needed for a to set up.Just open the case the bed legs as well as accessory are there clearly visible .Just pull the legs out and adjust them to the height needed. Then put the headrest, a hand pallet ,two armrests in position the bed is ready to use.
  • The Massage bed can be easily folded which saves the space when not in use. The bed is folded up into a portable Case and clasped  after being folded. As it is very convenient and less weight to carry it would be ideal for mobile therapist.
  • The height of the table can be easily adjusted.
  • The Nylon carrying case is very easy to carry.
  • All the accessories fit inside the table so they are on hand for usage.
  • The beech Hardwood table is very easy to use.
  • The weight of the table makes it cumbersome to carry,

#5 EARTHLITE Massage Table– Eco-Friendly Design, Hard Maple 


  • The Earthlite Massage table is a deluxe adjustable and patented. It is filled with proprietary Cloud fill poly-gel blend  face cradle cushion. The table folds easily in stable its rugged nylon carry case and can be carried anywhere.The total weight of the table is only 38lbs so it is easy to carry around.
  • The Massage table has a full size  of 30” x 73” so that it fits people of all sizes.The  height  can be adjusted to a range 23-33″. The fabric used is Naturesoft that is soft and supple to the touch.It is Hand upholstered with 2.5” of soft dual density cushioning which gives it a snug feeling
  • The Massage table includes  a head rest which is adjustable. The face cradle cushion is filled proprietary cloud fill poly-gel blend cushion for a perfect and snug feeling.
  • The Massage has been specially designed for use of professional therapist. Its special features include a heavy duty single pocket carry case, an attractive and dual maple outlets,non slip stable feet,sure grip knobs and full length piano hinge for strength.
  • Designed and Manufactured by Earthlite the largest and most trusted massage supplier the Table comes with a 3 years manufacturer’s warranty on foam and upholstery and a life time warranty on frame and construction.
  • The Nylon carrying case is very handy and easy to carry
  • The leather cover is low maintenance.
  • the Assembly process is very quick and easy
  • The massage table can be put on any surface as it is very stable.
  • The handle of the carry bag is not properly placed so it becomes difficult to carry.

#6 Massage Table W/Sheet Cradle Bolster – With Hanger Facial Tattoo Salon Bed


  • This is the Best portable massage table  which has all the features which are required. It is ideal for professional massage therapist home users or therapy is the most economical massage table available.
  • The Massage table is made with reinforced hardwood beech frame with hardwood corner blocks for superior strength.The table has a sponge of 2” thickness.
  • The table has a sturdy feet which has a  height-adjustable device. The  height of the massage table can be adjusted from 24″ to 34″. It is 2 section folding.
  • The massage table  is very easy to move around  with. If you’re a traveling therapist it includes  a durable carrying case with an adjustable shoulder strap and side pocket to hold oils and supplies.
  • The luxurious PVC leather has a superior and durable covering .It is very easy to clean so that the  bed has no offensive smell of oils and other synthetic materials.
  • The massage bed  does not  need  any tools  for setting up, we just have to open and unfold massage bed from the middle and the legs will automatically fall into place.
  • This massage table  is portable  and easy to c
  • The height of the table can be easily adjusted.
  • The Nylon carrying case is very easy to carry.
  • All the accessories fit inside the table so they are on hand for usage.
  • The beech Hardwood table is very easy to use.
  • The weight of the table makes it cumbersome to carry,

#7 MaxKare Portable Massage Table -3 Fold, Extra Wide, Black.


  • Max Kare Folding Massage Bed is made from reinforced hardwood frame with sturdy steel support to maintain the stability. The Max. Weight Capacity of the Folding Massage Table is 496 lbs, which is suitable for majority people.
  • The massage table comes with free accessories like a Free Carry Case.  This makes it easy for  the bed  to be folded and carried away  with ease.
  • The bed has oil and weather proof leather covering which is filled with foam, which is of High Density.This  makes it Durable and comfortable.
  • This Massage Bed is more wider than most of the similar product, its 3 fold design, and adjustable backrest,removable headrest, arm sling and armrests give a great deal of comfort to the guests.
  • The size of the massage bed is 73”x 28”(Extra Wide) with an ahead rest of 24” – 35 .“
  • The massage bed is two fold table wherein The 3 rd section of the table  can be added and adjusted so that the guest can enjoy the massage experience.
  • It has a 3 fold design with adjustable parts.
  • The leather cover is very soft and comfortable.
  • The Table can be folded and stacked on the side when not in use.
  • It can be cleaned Easily
  • The side arms are very flimsy and bend while massaging.

#8 Luxton Home Massage Table – Easy Set Up – Foldable & Portable 


  • The table has been scientifically designed with a 5 cm foam. The top 2 cm is a memory foam where as the below part is 3cm regular foam. This design gives the body support in all angles. 
  • The massage table is an easy set up. It takes exactly two minutes for it to set up.
  • The massage table has been constructed  with light weight material for portability, It can be folded easily into a carry on bag to be taken anywhere easily.
  • The table has a face hole in the middle for people who are shorter in size as well as a side pouch for other accessories and oils.
  • The table has been made professionally with a strong sturdy support of durable steel and a hardwood frame. 
  • The mattress on the top is made with durable foam can withstand a weight of maximum  of 250 kg or 551lbs. 
  • The  Massage Table material  is of high quality and has been crafted with precision. 
  • The mattress is crafted with precision and made with high quality, durable materials.
  • The height of the table can be adjusted easily by turning knobs on each legs.  For easy adjustment turn off the knobs on the leg and take out the movable lags to adjust the height as per you requirement by choosing the hole on the legs then put back the legs and fasten tightly the knobs.
  • It has memory foam on the top
  • The Table has a thick padding and Nice upholstery for a comfortable massage.
  • The massage table is stable on any surface.
  • The weight of the table makes it cumbersome to carry.
  • The massage bed has  3- separate sections designed specially for more space.The sections are of 36 inches,12 inches and 24 inches  length respectively.
  • The strong beech   wooden legs and  Composite board frames makes the table strong and sturdy. It can bear a load of 551 lbs.
  • The bed mattress  has a spongy cushion which is covered by PVC leather,  oil proof and waterproof. It  can be cleaned easily. We can use a wet cloth to wipe dirt and dust on the surface.
  • The Massage table  is ideal for mobile therapist. As it comes with a fordable design  it can be carried anywhere with ease. Infact the whole bed is portable and  can be set with clasp after being unfolded .It saves a lot of space when it is not in use can be stored without occupying lot of space.
  • The end section of the bed can be lifted and set for ten different heights , the max height being 18 inches.  The table can be adjusted to 8 different heights by adjusting  two twisting  knobs. The variance in the height is from 25 inches to 34 inches.
  • The angle of the headrest can be adjusted through a quick-fix locking device. It can also be adjusted for different heights and angles. We can easily remove armrest, headrest and the hand pallets whenever they  are not needed.
  • The legs of the Massage Table has protective antislip foot pads  which adds to  stability and also protects the floor from scratches.
  • The Table has a High-strength Steel Cable Truss.
  • It comes with accessory of an  extra storage bag  so that we can avoid accident scratching  that also keeps away the dust.
  • The beech Table has beech wooden legs and Composite board
  • The Table has a High-strength Steel Cable Truss
  • The Face Cradle and Arm rest are all adjustable.
  • It comes with an accessory of an extra storage bag so that.
  • The table is slightly heavy to carry.

#10 Uenjoy Massage Table – 2 Fold Lash Bed with Head


  • This bolster conforms to natural curves  and shape of body while providing support of back and vertebrae.  It has a sleek and elegant cylinder It features a zippered outer case and a strap handle  so that it is easy to carry or hang.
  • This folding Massage Table has a capacity of 500lbs. It has a Maximum width of 23.6 inches  which is suitable for most of the people.The table has a sturdy and adjustable Face Cradle. It also has a reinforced hardwood frame.
  • The table is of a top grade durability and gives a excellent comfort level. It is filled with 1.57 inches  High density foam. The top covering is waterproof and oil proof PVC.
  • The Massage Table is very easy to install. You just open and unfold from the middle, the legs will fall into space automatically. You can adjust the arms rest and head rest as per your requirement and the table is ready to be used. The whole process does not need any kind of tool  for adjustment.
  • The height of the table can be adjusted between 22.8 to 33.5 as  per the necessity of the therapist.
  • Being lightweight it is portable and easy to carry.
  • The size of the Head Rest is 84 inches by 23.6 inches.
  • The Manufacturers  provide free replacement  of parts and service within 1 year  of receipt of  order .
  • It has a comfortable and soft top cover.
  • The surface of the table can be easily cleaned.
  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • Free replacement of parts up to 1 year.
  • The straps that hold the accessories together should be tighter.

#11 Saloniture Folding Massage Table – with Carrying Case – Black


  • Saloniture specializes in making of the highest quality massage equipment and accessories, and is the  preferential choice of most of the  professional massage therapist.
  • The  Table has deluxe  cushioning to give an ultimate comfort to your clients. Table top as well as armrest wings are made from a plush 2 inch thick layer of high density foam. The 3  inch  foam face pillow has a removable cover.
  • The Massage table has a durable  High Quality steel support  which is used in construction of  automobile brakes . The sturdy Hardwood frame also has a double tension knobs on each leg for stability.
  • The product has been designed to accommodate a maximum weight capacity of 450 pounds. The headrest comes with a premium composite support which cannot be  Bended or wrapped.
  • The table weighs only  27 pounds. The compact design can store all the accessories if desired.It has a double handles to  carry easily.It has chrome clasps to secure it.It has a nylon carrying case with shoulder straps that can be adjusted with ease and pockets on the side to hold supplies and oils for massage.
  • A highly durable ,vegan friendly and soft  luxurious PU synthetic leather covers the entire table  which is easy to clean. It has no offensive smell as the other synthetic materials.the material is oil and waterproof as well as stain resistant.
  • The table can be customized  for each client by adjusting the winged armrests and headrest so that the client is positioned comfortably.
  • It has a deluxe cushioning for comfort.
  • The table can be customized as per each client.
  • It is stain-resistant and oilproof.
  • Highly durable, vegan-friendly and soft luxurious PU synthetic leather
  • Bulky When Folded – The massage table can be pretty bulky when it’s folded, so it might be difficult to handle at times. This is a downside if you have to carry the table for a long time.

Things To Take Into Consideration While Buying A Massage Table

  • The working Weight or the capacity of weight that a massage table can hold is the determined by the weight of the clients and weight that will be applied,While massage. Massage tables can usually hold a weight upto 400 to 600 lbs. If most of the clients are on the heavier side a heavy duty massage table would be ideal.
  • The most desired fabric for the massage table is leather as it is durable and easy to clean. But PVC leather and PU leather also provide a luxurious feel of leather and easy of cleaning. It feels smooth and soft on the skin too. The material of the table is also important as it would add weight to the table as well as give a visual appeal to it. The fabric should also be chosen as per your needs and Budget.
  • The width of the chosen table should suit almost every body shape so that customer of all shape can be easily accommodated. It should also depend upon the height of the massage therapist if the person is of a smaller height a narrow table would be good however if the person is tall then a wider table would be suitable.
  • The table should be long so that even taller clients can be accommodated easily. A longer table with adjustable face cradle will add 7 to 9 inches to you table.
  • The height of the table is important as it should consider the height of the massage therapist who has to give the massage. An appropriate height is important otherwise it will give a back and posture issue to the therapist. The height should be such that the therapist should be comfortable to work in.
  • The most important aspect of any table is the adjustable features. An ideal table will be all in one with adjustable height, adjustable length. All these features should have an ease of use to set up with ease.
  • The Best table will have a thick foam which is of high quality that will provide comfort and support to the client. It will also decide on the longevity of the table


Having a relaxing massage not only eliminates body pain but also improves blood  circulation thus healing the injured muscels and increasing the supply of oxygen to the muscles. The squeezing ,twisting and pulling action of the therapist relaxes the muscles . It removes the lactic acid from the tissue thus relaxing the muscel. A good Massage Table is very important for giving a good massage If we combine it with a Foot Spa and Massage Cushion it will give an effective therapy.It also helps in reliving the stress which comes with sleep disturbances and poor nutrition.Various studies have indicated that a regular massage therapy boost the body immune system and the oxygen circulation in the tissues.

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