11 Best Foot Spa Machines To Relax Tired Feet (Buying Guide)

foot spa is best way to relax at home after a hard days work, Best foot Spa gives your tired feets a relaxing massage soothing all the aches and pains removes all tiredness and rejunevates you to spend time with your family. The Best foot massagers machines are a must haves in all the house holds. The foot massager gives your legs a relaxing massage. We are here giving a reveiw of the Best Foot spa available with their special features to help you in selecting the ones  as per your needs and budgets.

The Best foot spa will be an ideal gift for your friends and relatives. Foot Massager are a valued purchase for athletes who need to relax their feet quite often. A much valued present for your grandparents on their 50th anniversary or your mother on her Birthday.It is a must buy for people who are  doing long commuting every day so that it soothes there tired aching feet at the end  of the day.

ImageProductUnique FeaturePrice
ETEKCITY MassagerLCD Control PanelCheck Price On Amazon
Spa Foot massagerNECTEK MassagerAdjustable height Check Price On Amazon
Foot_SpaMIKO Massager5 Setting of Air Pressure Check Price On Amazon
RENPHO Massager3 Kneading& Pressure levels Check Price On Amazon
INVOSPA MassagerBi-Directional Massage Mode Check Price On Amazon
Foot Spa VibratoryCONAIR Foot SpaVibration Mode Check Price On Amazon
AREALERMassage MachineCombined kneading and rolling effect Check Price On Amazon
Foot Spa automaticIVATION Foot Spa MassagerMotorized Roller Check Price On Amazon
TRIDUCNA Foot MassagerTouch Sensitive Control Panel Check Price On Amazon
Foot MassagerFIT KING  Foot Massager44 Rotation Nodes Check Price On Amazon
SPA FOOTMEDCURSOR  Foot MassagerInfra Red Function Check Price On Amazon


  •  Etekcity foot massager is a product of the highest quality and durability.
  •  An Effective Foot Massager which gives a deep kneading massage with  the help of airbags provides a gentel pressure around your feet and ankles thus relieving pain and giving relaxation.
  •  You can customize the massage as per your  need with a Different rollers speed and 3 Different air pressure so that you get  relief at the end of massage.
  • The intensity of heat can be increased  or decreased as per your requirment with a touch of a button , this improves you Blood circulation warming your cold feets slowly and giving a relaxed feeling.
  •  A clear LCD Display with a touch panel and timer setting  ensures a relaxing massage while watching TV or reading with the display showing all the settings.
  • To clean simply detach the foot sleeve and wash it will remove all the smells. It fits  the foot of all sizes upto US 12 easily.
  •  It comes with a VeSync App which can be installed on your phone.This will save all your favorite massage settings which could be assesed any time ,so that you will not have to set the panel again and again.
  • It has a sleek and prominent LCD Display panel.
  • .The Massager has a Ve Sync App that can be installed in your Phone.
  • .The Heat intensity can be increased or decresed as per you comfort.
  • .It has 3 different Air pressuer.
  • An all round pressure is not adequate.

#2 Nekteck Foot Massager with Soothing Heat, -, Shiatsu Heated Deep Kneading Foot Massager Machine


  • An Amazing Versatile Design, this Foot Massager has 18 rotating Massager Nodes and 6 Massage Heads.
  • It is very safe to use . The Heating Function relieves pains From Aching Muscels and can be turned off and on manually.
  • The height of this Foot Massager can be adjusted upto 3 levels as per your convinenece and preference.
  • It has a built in cord storage and handle for easy portablity.You do not need to bend down to start the masager just touch it with your toe to start.
  • The Foot massager is perfect for use in your Home and Office.You get a perfect massage by just a touch of a button without spending any money.
  • The Height of the massager can be adjusted as per your requirment.
  • The Massager has a built in cord storage.
  • It can be Taken Any where Easily.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • No Automatic Function. The panels have to be adjusted manually.

#3 Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager -With Multi-Level Settings, And Switchable Heat.


  • This foot massager has 5 setting of Air Pressure and two number of  foot chambers
  • The Shiatsu foot massager has a shiatsu rolling and heat functions.
  • The massager relives us from different aches and pains associated with Diabetes,Muscel tension, Neuropathy and plantar fascitis.
  • This foot massager can be easily used while watchingTV, reading , or just relaxing.
  •  The foot massager has  a manufactrer warranty of full one year.
  • It Has Five Settings of Air Pressure.
  • The Shiatsu Massage has both rolling and Heating Function,
  • It is very Easy to use.
  • It is Portable and can be carried around the house with ease.
  • The Massage Function operates more on front than on lower foor arches.


  • RENPHO  Foot Massager has rotation ball and rolling stick. A deep kneading Shiatsu massage is given by compression and heating function.
  • . It relives foot pain  and reduces physical exhastion by foot nerve reflex to promote sound sleep.
  • .The foot massager is ergonomically designed to give 3 kneading and 3 intrensic pressure level massage  which can be adusted as per requirment.
  • .It fits on people of all foot size , as large as of size 12.
  • .A Hygienical ,healthy and Simplistic design it can be easily controlled through a touch panel by a simple touch.It is recommended to be used at least for 30 minutes daily for a relaxing experience.
  • The cloth in the foot chamber is removable and can be cleaned easily.
  • It gives both kneading and rolling function.
  • A simple to Touch Panel for using it easily.
  • It has 3 kneading and 3 internsic pressure levels of massage.
  • Reduces Physical Exhastion with relaxing massage.
  • .It does not have height adjusting feature.


  • .The Invo Spa Foot massager gives a easy relaxing leg massage by rolling therapy or a deep tissue kneading Shiatsu Massage.
  • .It comes with a choice of 3 different pressure levels which could be adjusted in intensity as per the require ment.
  • . It Relaxes tired feet, improves blood circulation, chronic nerve pain and muscel tension.The independent foot chambers give combination of rolling and kneading massage therapy while the  foot is been given air pressure from all sides.
  • The foot massager has a Bi- Directional massaging mode. There is a air compression mode with no kneading and a kneading mode only. It could be changed at will with just a touch of a button.
  • The Massager has many ergonomic massage head to massage accupressure points.
  • The foot cover can be unzipped and removed to clean easily.It is very easy to keep the machine clean.
  • The massager has 3 different Pressure levels.
  • It has Bi-Directional Massage mode of Kneading and Rolling Function.
  • The Massager Head Massage al, the accupresure points.
  • Improves Blood circulation.
  • The massager is not able to accomadate foot size of more than US 12.

#6 Conair Foot Spa/Pedicure Spa - With Soothing Vibration Massage


  • The Conair Foot Spa  gives you a very Soothing and Vibration Massage to help you relax  after a days work.
  •  The Conair  Foot Spa has a Deep Spa basin to fully immerse your feet and gives relaxation to the feet.
  • The Massager comes with  easy toe touch control to start foot massage vibration mode.
  • The foot spa comes with a 6 foot cord so that it can be taken any where easily.
  • You Do not need to heat water for the massager.Simply decide on your choosen temperature and turn the knob to cold ,warm or hot , the basin will maintain the choosen temperature.
  • The Basin has rollers which can be removed easily for controlling your foot massage as per your needs.
  • The Vibration Mode has a very nice relaxing effect.
  • The Massager has a Deep Basin to fully immerse the foot in water.
  • It has an easy touch control for different kind of settings
  • A long cord gives an easy access to electric point which may be at a distan
  • No Water Guard is there which will effectively reduce water splashing in surroundings.

#7 AREALER Kneading Shiatsu Therapy Feet Massage Machine -with Deep-Kneading, Built-in Heat Function


  • .Arealer Foot Massager has a fashionable and light weight design which makes it convenient for unwinding after a  long days work ,watching TV ,reading or working in Home office.
  • .It is very easy to clean , just remove the detachable cover and clean. It can easily fits the US foot size  from 4.5 to 11.
  • The Foot Massager has 5 different modes  with pressure setting targeting different accupressure points to ease  away knots and tensions , release tightness and makes your feet feel comfortable and is also good for naturopathy and arthiritis.
  • The Foot Massager combines kneading scraping , rolling, heating and air compression funtion to promote blood pressure circulation,  it relieves stress and fatigue and gives relief.
  • The Equipment has a wireless remote control which makes it easy to use the machine. The massager will cut power off automatically if the temperature becomes high.
  • The product has a FDA, CE, Rohs certification for safety and Health.
  • It has Five Settings of Pressure which soothes the tensed muscel and Tension of foot Muscels.
  • The Massager combines various Settings for a good Massage.
  • The Wireless remote makes it very easy to change the setting without bending down
  • Targets the accupressure points.
  • It is not easy to carry aroun. [/i2cons]

#8 Ivation Foot Spa Massager - Digital Adjustable Temperature Control


  • The Ivation Foot Spa is ideal for atheletes and people who work on their feet, It is multi funtional massaging foot spa that comforts aching heels toes ankles and arches.
  •  The Foot Spa has activated motororized rolleres or targeting the tired soles. It also has a invigorating vibration ,redness etc.
  • The Foot Spa creates a multiple water jets with thousands of calming bubbles for relieving pains, You can add essential oils for a soothing aromatherapy.
  • The Massager has a advanced LED  Display  with a sophisticated features Timer and Multifunction Selection.
  •  A Brush and an Accupressure Pedicure Kit is included in the Set.
  • The Motorized rollers target the exact pressure points on the soles.
  • Multiple jets give a relaxing effect and soothes all the aches and pains.
  • The Advance LED display has a Timer and Multifunction Display.
  • Accupressure kit is included in the kit.
  • There is no control to aviod water splashing around.


  • A Durable and Modern design of  this Foot Massager is an ideal gift for all occasion. .It comes with a moneyback  gurantee from the 30 days of purchase and a 2 years Warrantyon quality related issues.
  • The Foot Massager Has 3 different level of intensities and you can adjust and combine kneading function with air compression to get just right  combination of massage  pressure as per your need.
  • The temperature in the massager will gradually increase from 104 F to 122 F in about 4-5 minutes, this heating funtion can be turned off and on manually.
  •  All functions are can be controlled from a simple touch  control panel which is extremely touch sensitive. It is very easy to clean as the foot sleeves can removed and washed.
  • There is also a 15/30 minutes auto shut off timer  so that the machine life can be extended.
  • The multiple ergonomic  massage nodes of the massager work on you feet to relax tired  sore and achy feet. The combination funtion of rolling, kneading and shiatsu makes it ideal for reliving foot pain.
  • The foot has a combined air compression and Kneading Function.
  • The Ergonomic nodes massage as per set intensity.
  • There massager has a automatic shut off time of 15/ 30 minutes.
  • Ease of operation.
  • The Autoshut timer has to be reset again and again after shuts off.

#10 FIT KING Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine - Heat Deep Kneading Foot Reflexology Massager


  • The FITKING foot massager  has 2 compression air bags with soothing heads that will massage your foot insetup  gently . This will improve blood circulation in the feet relieves pain and tension in the muscels and gives a sound sleep.
  • This Shiatsu foot massager will be an ideal gift to you family and friends for all occassions.
  • The foot massager  has 44 rotation nodes and rolling stick which massage the accupunture points just like a manual foot massage.
  • The massager gives you a  deep tissue massage to soothing relaxing massage with a press of a button.There are 6 different pressure levels of massage which could be selected.
  • Two heating levels and 2 kneading speed is available as per your  inclination.
  •  It is easy to clean the massager and maintain a hygiene, simply zip off the foot covers in the foot chambers and wash them , dry and refit again. the Massager is ready to use.
  • It has 44 Rotation Nodes and Rolling Stick for a smooth and easy massage.
  • It massages all the Foot Accupressure points.
  • There are 6 different massage intensity .
  • The Massager has 2 different heating levels and 2 kneading speed.
  • Not very easy to carry around.

#11 Medcursor Shiatsu Foot Massager -With Built-in Infrared Heat Function


  • The Medcursor Foot Massager has a built in Infrared heating function which gives a warm  soothing feeling on tired foot muscel.The heat feature improves the blood circulation ,soothes tired muscels and allevates foot pain.
  • The Foot Massager has a 6 massaage heads with 18 rotating nodes which are designed in such a way that  they give pressure on the accupressure points of your feet and gives a Healing Massage.
  • The Massager has 2- height level features which can be adjusted as per you prefrence.If you want to elevate the machine as per your desired height  so that you can lay your feet perfectly you can do so without any hassel with the flexible height feature.
  • The massager can be easily switched on and off with a simple touch of the toe. It is very durable user friendly and portable. It has a built in cord storage so that the cord can be kept sake and dry.
  • Infrared Combination offers a heat plus massage therapy.
  • Ideal for senior Citizens and therapy.
  • Two level feature is adjustable as per requirment.
  • Smooth touch operation which can be operated by toe touch.
  • Manual Operation for controls.

AM I Buying The Right Foot Spa ? 

Consider the Following Before You Decide  

  • Purpose of  your accuquring a Foot Spa. Is it for relaxation or Massage therapy for a specific reason. The different models are available as the infrared , electric ,vibratory.
  • Decide on the model depending on your specific requirement.
  • If you need to use it every day or occassionaly or on the weekend will decide the type of foot Massager you require.
  • Amount of Money you are willing to spend on Buying of a foot Massager.
  • If you need  The Massager for a threupatic usage for easying pain of a arthiritic foot or improve your blood circulation or you need it for a specific purpose that will be able to give a right kind of massage then this is the right one for you.
  • If the massager is  for Elderly People you will need a variant with toe touch control that can operate without bending.
  • The Depth of water required for the spa varies between shallow , Ankle depth  Deep foot spa depends again on the requirment of type of massage required.
  •  Different types of heat, and functions are available depending on the need.
  • Other features which are to be considered before selecting the massager are Portability, Noise of the Motor and drainage of water.

Benefits of Foot Spa And Massager

A Foot Spa is welcome addition to any household they come with a lot of benefits :

 1. Our Social lives and our jobs make us stand at all times. the importance of our feet  is felt   when after a hard days work you remove your foot wear and your tired soles touch floor. An adequate care should be taken of the foot as it  bear the weight of our whole Body. Lowering your foot in  massager full of hot water  is pure heaven  for the aching feet.

 2. The rollers of the foot spa are designed in such a way that they offer a general massage of the foot and improve your Blood circulation and boost your energy levels.

 3. It  helps to relive pain from the arthitic foot by releasing the tensions in the foot and soothes all the joints. 

 4. The soles of your feet have  small Accupressure points which are stimulated  when the rollers gentely massage your feet. This would relieve the intensity of migraine headaches and you will also have a fewer ones. 

 5. As your nerves get soothened  your stress level goes down which reduces the acidity of your stomach  you start feeling better.  

 6. A regular use of foot spa reduces body toxins and removes the body toxins from kidneys and liver and maintains the pH of the body thus strenghtning the body immune system. 

 7. The relaxing massage reduces the tensions and soothes the whole Body  thus   helps you to sleep better. It helps in improving the oxygen supply to the muscels and relaxing them and helping you to sleep better.


1. In the KNEADING MASSAGE the foot massager head gives a clockwise spin and anti clockwise spin which gives aa kneading sensation to your feet and relaxes them. This function is present in both open and closed types of massagers.

2. In the AIR PRESSURE MASSAGE  the air bags in the massager alternatively deflate and inflate in the machine walls which gives a massage effect. This technique is found in most of the Massagers.

3. The SHIATSU MASSAGE  is a japanese technique of massage.In this procedure pressure is applied on parts of foot in a special kneading function.It is found is almost all types of foot massager.

4. In another technique of foot Massage OSCILLATING TECHNIQUE the massager floor  gently vibrates and just put your foot on it and relax.

5. The Nodes in the massager give a gentel pressure on the point of accupressure in the ACCUPRESSURE TECHNIQUE.

6. Another kind of Massager operates on INFRARED TECHNIQUE , here the massager has many small simulation points which give out infrared light providing the much needed warmth as well as the kneading massage.


Depending on the height that the legs are covered by the massager they are of three different Types:

 1. CALF LENGTH Massagers come right upto your knees. they reach beyound the feet and also give a gentel massage to your calf muscels kneading away the knots and kinks out of the muscels as well as the foot. 

 2.These designs  come upto the height of the ankles are of ANKLE LENGTH. These are closed models and pressure is applied to your ankles and the pressure points of your feet simultaneously.

 3. The Foot massager targets the soles of the feet and surrounding areas. It is upto FOOT LENGTH only.They are most effective on the soles of the feet as they give a gentel massage on all the pressure points of the feet and improve circulation.


A Good Massage  Soothes and Relaxes the aching , torn or injured foot muscels. A Foot Massager is a great way to have a relaxing massage in the comfort of your home. This is specially good for elderly and athetes  and people with the arthritic foot. The Jets  and Vibration , Kneading and Rolling  movements give a relaxed feeling  of Bliss and happiness add to the experience with Best Massage Cushion. We have given special details and featuers of different foot spa which are available at present this  will help you  in selecting the right one for yourself and for your family. The Best foot spa when combines with the Best Massage Table gives a full threaupatic experience which recharges and heals you and provides you comfort from all achess and pains.

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