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7 Best Spray Tan Machine 2020 – Choose The Best One

The popularity of Sunless Tanning has been on an increase since last few years. In the Best Spray Tan Machine review each unique aspects of the different machines have been carefully studied to give a comprehensive summary of the various types of tan spray guns that available. Since the International Agencies like the FDA and IARC have linked UV exposure from tanning Beds to skin burns, Skin aging and skin cancer these Tan Machine are gradually replacing these old methods of gaining tan. 

We need to know the Different aspects of the machine before selection. Whether They are of LVLP or HVLP, the settings of the speed of the spray nozzle, Overspray reduction, Heat options. Knowledge about the duration of time that the tan will last, the type of chemical that are used and cost of the machine will help to make an informed choice. Read through the various machine and choose the one you need. 


Image Product Unique Feature Price
spray tan Machine Norvell Sunless
Smooth Application Check Price On Amazon
Spray -TanMachine Maximist Lite 3oo Watt Motor Check Price On Amazon
Spray tan-Machine Oasis Spray Tan
Light weight Check Price On Amazon
Spray Tan_Machine Maximist HVLP Extra wide base Check Price On Amazon
Machine for Spary tan Fascination Spray Machine One Button Control Gun Check Price On Amazon
Spray machine for Tan Allure Xena Whisper quite Noise reduction Check Price On Amazon
Spray- Tan-machine Belloccio tanning System Ideal for home use Check Price On Amazon

#1 Norvell Sunless Kit -Spray Tan Airbrush Machine


  • Norvell Sunlesshas been rated as the No 1 Professional Sunless Tanning Brand by Professional Spray Tan Artists/Technicians October  by Fieldwork/Webwork International Inc.A global leading market research company.
  • This highest selling model has been expertly crafted from top to bottom for the optimal application.
  • This M-1000 HVLP  Sprat Tan Machine System adds a professional, clean and pleasurable sunless tanning experience for your clients and technicians.That can be used in a salon .
  • This lightweight system produces the ideal spray for a smooth application.
  • The Spray Machine comes with the whole package which has Mobile M1000 Turbine, 10′ Quick Connect/Disconnect Hose, M Series HVLP Spray Gun, Standard 110v Electrical Cord, Spray Gun Quick Repair Kit, Operation Manual, Shoulder Strap for Added Portability.
  • The spray machine comes with a Professional Sunless training program where you learn the fundamentals and science of Sunless Tanning, Sunless Colorology from the experts.
  • Includes HVLP M-Gun that is Lightweight
  • Shoulder Strap for Added Portability
  • Adjustable Spray Pattern with Minimal Overspray
  • Standard 110v Plug
  • It has to be used with the Norvell Pop-Up Tent.


  • The Maxi mist Spray Tan Machine is the perfect unit for home use as well as the budget conscious mobile tech or salon startup.
  • The Tan Machine has 1 SatinAir Spray head with three 5 oz cups, 2 lids Powerful 300 watts single stage turbine, 47cfm air flow, 75 DB, 110 electrical voltage only (Model: ST610)
  • The MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP features a powerful 300-watt Turbine , and the Spray Gun features a German engineered spray nozzle. This system is designed to provide maximum fine mist atomization with the least amount of overspray possible.
  • This  Spray tan machine  Gun sprays with a horizontal and vertical pattern and flow adjustments. The spray head has a  Non-stick needle for virtually clog free performance. The spray Cup features conical design and wide base for optimal solution pickup.
  • The product comes with a  1 year warranty on Turbine Motor, when purchased from Spray Tan Pros only.
  • The Machine set Includes Professional Style Heavy Fabric Tent and  Oversized Carry  Bag it is easy to use  Beginner Friendly  design . 
  • The Spray set has 3  alternate tent colors Brown, Black Or Pink. A Detailed Instruction Manual, and Maximist Tech Support access.
  • Beginner friendly,
  • Easy to use,
  • Virtually clog free design
  • Designed for mobile use at 5 lbs weight
  • The whole Package is Big and cumbersome to fit in a compact space.

#3 Oasis Spray Tan Machine -With Kit


  • The Oasis,is a compact  light weight and mobile all in one system.There are no Hoses or Bulky cabinet to be carried around.
  • Oasis is a powerful, compact cosmetic tool which is very easy to operate like a hair dryer.It has a spray tan gun integrated with a powerful mini turbine which gives a maximum performance.
  • The  sleek spa appearance and graceful designer lines of the product fits in any where whether  home or in a sophisticated salon. 
  • The Best feature of this Machine is the FlexiMyst removeable spray head for easy cleaning and flexibility. This modular tan delivery system allows you to use multiple solutions for your daily tan sessions , 
  • The FlexiMyst spray head has a fine, stainless steel needle and nozzle for precise atomization, durability, and corrosion resistance. The machine sprays Thoughtful engineering, from the A backflow prevention valve in the spray head, helps seperate the spray mechanism from the electronics.
  • The Spray Machine has a stable base which can sit the unit on a flat surface without worry of toppling.
  • A push button power switch is in the base
  • The trigger on the unit controls fluid flow and atomization.
  • An extra solution bottle with cap is provided for storage of unused product.
  • The Unit doesn't contain a spray Tent.


  • The MaxiMist Lite Plus comes with the  HVLP features and a powerful 300-watt Turbine.
  • The Spray Gun features a German engineered spray nozzle that can operate with Simple adjustments of the trigger, which allows you to control the spray pattern, and apply any tanning solution with  precision.
  • The cups which are included are of a unique design, featuring a conical solution reservoir for optimum product pick-up.
  • This design forces all solution in the cup to the center dip, allowing flexibility in movement range while spraying.This system  provides maximum fine mist atomization with the least amount of overspray possible.
  • The extra wide base provides improved stability, to allow ease when filling.
  • A 1 year warranty on Turbine Motor and all round customer support gives a good value addition to the product.
  • Beginner friendly,
  • Easy of usage,
  • Virtually clog free design
  • Spare parts kit and Spray Tan Solution package included.
  • A spraying Tent is not included.


  • The Fascination has beautiful styling, including silver highlights & an ergonomic handle & spray applicator design. An ultra-compact, lightweight design makes it perfect for mobile tanners, but the unit is powerful enough for a salon setting too.
  • The Fascination Spray Tanning Machine has a Simple One Button Control Spray Gun Applicator with Fluid Control Knob, The Adjustable Spray Patterns and Low Maintenance Nozzle.
  • The Spray Tan Machine Packet contains Two – 8 Oz of Norvell Dark Spray Tanning Solution. 
  • The Unit  also comes with a Norvell 4 Step Sunless SelfTanning Maintenance Kit with Norvell Pre-Tan Body Buff ExMitt. Norvell Renewing Sunless Exfoliator, Norvell Bronzing 4-Faces, Norvell ph Balancing Cleanser, Norvell Pro-Long Tan Extender
  • The spray gun has an adjustable fan and flow control dial allows easy transition from vertical to horizontal spraying. This spray gun supports vertical & horizontal fan patterns (ideal for quick, efficient tanning application) & the multipurpose circular spray pattern.
  • The turbine has simple one button operation as well as a direct air intake with an easily removable, cleanable filter.
  • A Pink Skylight Design pop up tanning tent with carry bag is also included in the kit.
  • A 4 Step Sunless SelfTanning Maintenance Kit is included.
  • One Button control spray unit.
  • Beginner friendly,
  • Easy of usage.
  • The Unit may not be easy to maintain.


  • Xena Spray Tanning Gun is a Very Beginner Friendly Base and a board gun storage Lightweight Mobile design.It has 2 Extra Spray Heads. 
  • It is a Salon/Mobile Self Tanner Spray Tanning System unit rated for 25 plus applications a day. It has a Retractable hidden carry handle and On board cord management feature on base. It also has a Unique hidden filter placement.
  • Xena Spray Tanning Gun has a  horizontal and vertical pattern and flow adjustments Teflon needle for virtually clog free performance Patented Spray Nozzle provides outstanding atomization for perfect coverage as well as reducing over spray.
  • Xena Satin Air Spray Gun Nozzle Technology Patented Spray Nozzle provides outstanding fine mist atomization for perfect coverage as well as reducing over spray. Clog free design minimizes clogging issues.
  • There is  2 year warranty on Turbine Motor .
  • The Product Detailed Instruction Manual is included. The Spray Machine has a  CE, EU, ECAL Certifications .
  • The Unit comes with Spare parts kit included free Complete New System ready to spray out of the box.
  • Tampa Bay Tan Sunless Spray Tanning Products that are 100% Vegan are included in the kit.These products have  not been Tested On Animals Paraben and Gluten Free Contain 
  • Natural and Organic Ingredients Professional Level Solution in 3 depths Manufactured and Formulated by Tampa Bay Tan Everything you need to get started.
  • The Machine  has a Whisper Tech Quiet Turbine Noise Reduction Less noise (72db) allows more flexibility for salons, spas and mobile techs. 
  • Patented Air Spray Gun Nozzle Technology.
  • Whisper Tech Quiet Turbine Noise Reduction.
  • 2 year Warranty.
  • Retractable hidden carry handle.
  • The Spraying tent is not included.


  • Belloccio Turbo Spray Tan Machine comes with 4 Solution Variety Pack; 8, 10 & 12% DHA Simple Tan Solutions and Opulence Solution that allow you to spray the full range of skin types; fair & olive to deep bronze skin tones.
  • The product includes Online Link for the Belloccio Airbrush Tanning Getting Started Guide Video  that has  5 Segmentsof  24 Minutes each.
  • The Unit has a Turbine air pump unit with a 9 foot flexible air hose, high-tech professional lightweight plastic composite body ,hvlp spray application gun.
  • Ideal for home use, salons and mobile technicians because of the high volume of clients that can be spray tanned in a day.
  • The tan Machine has a 2 Year Warranty on System.
  • Ideal for home use.
  • Professional HVLP Turbine
  • Detailed Instruction Manual and online video is included
  • 2 year warranty on the system.
  • The unit not include a Spraying tent.


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